About Us

Our Vision

Our vision is to transform lung health diagnostics by making automated, radiation-free lung imaging universally accessible. We aim to empower healthcare providers and laypersons alike to perform accurate lung assessments anywhere in the world.

Leveraging the synergy of lung ultrasound technology and state-of-the-art AI, we see a future where high-quality lung diagnostics are no longer confined to hospitals but are integral to diverse settings such as military operations, aerospace missions, and emergency response teams, significantly improving global health outcomes.

Our Mission

At Deep Breathe, our mission is to revolutionize lung health diagnostics through the power of artificial intelligence and advanced medical imaging. We are dedicated to making lung imaging universally accessible with cutting-edge, radiation-free solutions that anyone can use, anywhere. As pioneers in vendor-agnostic lung imaging technology, we create solutions that work seamlessly across all ultrasound hardware.

Our commitment to innovation, supported by strategic partnerships with leading ultrasound manufacturers and other key industries, drives us to continually advance our technology. Guided by a relentless curiosity and a clinically directed approach to engineering and AI, we aim to transform lung diagnostics, bringing high-quality care to diverse and challenging environments around the world, ensuring a healthier future for generations to come.

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Deep Breathe has emerged as a pioneering force in the realm of AI technology dedicated to lung diagnostics and imaging. The company's inception was marked by a visionary collaboration between software developers, engineers, clinicians, and ultrasound experts, strategically spread across Canada.

With operational hubs in London, ON, Toronto, ON, and Vancouver, BC, Deep Breathe's team is a unification of the diverse expertise required to disrupt the conventional thinking around how lung imaging and diagnostics can be delivered.

Our Story

Innovating Today for a Healthier Tomorrow, Fighting COVID-19 with Smart Solutions

In 2021, Deep Breathe’s advanced AI technology played a crucial role in combating the global COVID-19 pandemic. Swiftly adapting its diagnostic tools, the company accurately identified and assessed the virus’s impact on the respiratory system. This integration of artificial intelligence enabled rapid detection of COVID-19-related lung complications, offering healthcare professionals vital insights for timely intervention. Deep Breathe’s dedication to innovation positioned them at the forefront of the pandemic battle, demonstrating AI’s transformative potential in healthcare diagnostics.

Meet Our Team

Cover Image for Dr. Rob Arntfield

Dr. Rob Arntfield

CEO and Founder

Cover Image for Blake VanBerlo

Blake VanBerlo

Director of Machine Learning

Cover Image for Delaney Smith

Delaney Smith

Data Science, Research and Regulatory Affairs Manager

Cover Image for Ben Wu

Ben Wu

Software Engineer

Cover Image for Dr. Rushil Chaudhary

Dr. Rushil Chaudhary

Clinical Machine Learning Specialist

Cover Image for Dr. Jordan Ho

Dr. Jordan Ho

Clinical Machine Learning Specialist

Cover Image for Melissa Cote

Melissa Cote

Clinical Researcher

Cover Image for Dr. Hans Clausdorff Fiedler

Dr. Hans Clausdorff Fiedler

Clinical Researcher

Cover Image for Niall Murphy

Niall Murphy

Clinical Researcher

Cover Image for Dr. Derek Wu

Dr. Derek Wu

Clinical Machine Learning Specialist

Cover Image for Hanna Ke

Hanna Ke

Business Development

Cover Image for Marwan Rahman

Marwan Rahman

Machine Learning Engineer

Cover Image for Ben Huggard

Ben Huggard

Machine Learning Engineer

Cover Image for Dr. Chintan Dave

Dr. Chintan Dave

Clinical Lead, Strategic Relationships

Cover Image for Dr. Ross Prager

Dr. Ross Prager

Lead, Clinical Research

Cover Image for Kiran Rikhraj

Kiran Rikhraj


Cover Image for Dr. Jared Tschirhart

Dr. Jared Tschirhart

Data Labelling Lead

Cover Image for Khoa Tran

Khoa Tran

Software Engineer

Cover Image for Serena Salsgeber

Serena Salsgeber

Human Resources and Accounting Manager

Cover Image for Bennett VanBerlo

Bennett VanBerlo

Software Consultant


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Deep Breathe focuses on revolutionizing lung health diagnostics through AI and advanced medical imaging, making lung imaging universally accessible and efficient

We offer a range of AI-powered diagnostic tools including UltraMask, PneumoLens, AlveoLUS, and AlveolAI-vet, each designed to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of lung ultrasound diagnostics.

UltraMask removes extraneous information from medical images, creating a clean and anonymized dataset for model development, improving diagnostic accuracy.

Our technology is vendor-agnostic, meaning it works seamlessly across all ultrasound hardware, and is backed by patents. It surpasses trained physicians in diagnostic accuracy for certain conditions.

For more information or to inquire about partnerships and beta testing opportunities, please contact us at general@deepbreathe.ai.

Lung ultrasound is highly accurate and superior to conventional chest X-rays for lung assessment. However, it is underutilized because it is a relatively new technology not routinely taught to doctors. By automating this technology with AI, we ensure it can be used by everyone, maximizing accuracy, convenience, and portability.

Deep Breathe has amassed the largest collection of annotated lung ultrasound images from multiple countries. Combined with our clinical and engineering leadership, this enables us to develop best-in-class AI models, democratizing access to this powerful, portable imaging technique.